Unable to login/use the app at all

Firstly, when trying to login to the app I was unable to as it kept saying "wrong email or password", I clicked the 'forgot password' option but never received the email, I can login to my account on my laptop & have changed my password that way but still no lucking logging in with just my email and password.

So, I logged in via facebook which was successful, however then I received the "This account is no longer valid" pop up, all information I can find on the site suggests that this pop up is due to needing to update the app, however I have installed the most recent version of the app and no luck. 

Unsure what to do! Such a shame as I was ready to switch over from my current language program (Mondly) straight away, maybe I'll just have to wait for the app to come out of beta testing? :(

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  • Same exact issue here...

  • +1 for me. just created a case for myself

  • Also experiencing this problem

  • The same problem as of rev 86. Also when attempting to log in with Google, ZenDesk hangs. And the mobile error message says go to the main site but there is no log in there...

    Not very professional...

  • Me too!  Is there no one on here that is actually addressing these problems?

  • I too am experiencing the same issue.


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