My would-be review, if I were paying for this app. (feedback)

I'm one of the longtime Fluent Forever book-groupies who read the book a long time ago and recommended it to everyone and felt so happy to see to see it all coming together like this. Anki was fantastic but a lot of work and I got stuck on the grammar portion. So, I was and still very much am looking forward to using the app... However....

The audio quality, at least for the Spanish trainer is bad enough to make me not want to use it. If it is coming out of iPhone speakers, it is extremely difficult to hear the nuances of pronunciation.... which is sort of the point of the app. So, I plugged in some Bose headphones... And it was still pretty bad. I can hear the different voices coming in and out and it sounds almost as if it were recorded over wifi, it has that garbled techno sound which muddies up the pronunciations for me.

I've never noticed this in the pronunciation trainers that I've purchased, the audio has always been excellent. So hopefully it's some proxy or something and the finished product will have Headspace quality audio. If not, I doubt I will subscribe.

Thanks for the hard work!


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  • I agree. The pronunciation trainers' audio is superior. I hope the app's audio quality will be updated to at least match the trainers' quality. Super important for the app to have great audio clarity.


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