Feedback: Video size, video controls, app orientation

I find the videos to be very small. I don't have great eyesight and prefer to watch videos in full screen on my phone. However, I don't see a way to do this on the app.

Also, I needed to pause the video and could not do it so instead had to stop the video. When I came back to it, I had to re-watch everything to get to where I was interrupted. That is a bit annoying. I expect to be able to pause and resume videos no matter the application used to play it on my phone.

Finally, when I turn my phone on its side, I expect the orientation to rotate, but the app does not do this.

These are all minor things but it makes me dislike my initial experience with the app. Are these features planned for a later release? If not, please consider adding them.

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  • I totally agree with you. I requested these features in the fireside chat in the Facebook comunity.

  • It's been 2 years and it's shocking this has not been addressed.


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