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I created a tool for searching multiple URLs at once, and I thought people here might find it useful. I use it for speeding up my anki card creation. Check it out here: https://inimicals-stuff.gitlab.io/multisearch/

I know that this is something that's already been covered (https://blog.fluent-forever.com/multi-search/), but I didn't know that when I started building my own version of the MultiSearch tool.

The tools in that blog post are hardcoded to include specific URLs, which you may or may not want. I built a version of the tool that allows you to add/remove whatever URLs you want without having to download and edit the source code yourself.

The functionality depends on the website including the search term in the URL when you search for a word on the site.

For example, which I search spanishdict.com for "ejemplo", the resulting URL is this: https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/ejemplo

So I know if I visit https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/[some-word] I'll see search results for [some-word]

In this tool, you would enter the URL as https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/[[s]]. The [[s]] will always be replaced by the word you're searching for.

By default, the page will load with a few resources I've been using for Spanish: spanishdict, images.google.es, and forvo, so you can see some examples.

I made this really quickly today, so it's still kind of a rough draft. I'd love your feedback, especially if you find any issues or have any enhancements you'd like to see that would make it better for you.

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