German Noun Gender Learning Shortcuts With Anki


First off, thank you Gabriel for creating this great method of learning! I just finished the 625 words, so I am on my way to learning German!

Had a question: On another website I found a list of shortcuts that shows how based on the ending of a noun one can with 80% accuracy predict the gender of a noun. I was wondering if you guys think it is worthwhile to learn these endings and which gender they usually carry with them? If so, can you tell me if there is a way to create Anki cards that would facilitate this?

I had an idea to on one side of a card have an ending, for instance -er (usually masculine) and then on the other side to have a picture of something that represents masculinity to me.  Do you guys think this would work and do you have any other ideas or have you done something like this in the past?


Thank you!



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