Should a Frequency Dictionary be used alongside the Grammar book?

I didn't think I would find a frequency dictionary this early but I found one as I started skimming through my grammar book, and I have found that I have been depending on it perhaps a bit too much. I have been going through my grammar book out of order so that I can learn the most frequent conjunctions and their grammar before the different ways to form a plural noun. I have a bit of knowledge in grammar already regarding conjunctions specifically so I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal, but I'm still concerned if it would bite me in the back in the long run if I keep referring to grammar rules out of the order outlined in my grammar book. So my question: Should I use my frequency dictionary alongside my grammar book? And if so, how can I be orderly about it? Should I learn following the order of the grammar rules as explained in my grammar book or would it be better to go through the first 1000 words or so in my frequency dictionary and refer to their grammatical use in my grammar book if there is one?

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