I feel like I've plateaued in Korean.... what to do at this point?

Hey guys - looking for some suggestions on what to do. 

A part of me thinks that I just need to be patient, and trust the process and keep going as incremental progress/consistency will compound. 

The other part of me thinks I could be better spending my time, just not sure how. 


I know about 1500-2000 (not really sure tbh) words in Korean, but not sure as I spent a year there and learned through just listening to my korean friends talk. 


My current studying workflow looks like this

- Study my daily anki (usually around 150 review and 30-40 new) cards 

- Write down the lyrics, and interpret a song in Korean (add new words to deck) 

- Chatting with my girlfriend or Korean exchange students 


But I feel like I've stagnated. I want to work towards the TOPIK and general fluency (more the second, than the first) and just not feeling like my studies are making a difference. 


Any suggestions? Should I swap from picture word flashcards to all purpose? Should I focus on grammar (I haven't even formally learned grammar rules tbh) 


Thanks In Advance

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  • are you still translating (Korean to English, then back) before replying in conversations?

  • @Ryan, I'm not sure where I may have led you to think like that... but no. I can think and talk 100% in Korean and hold a conversation very comfortably. Speaking is my strongest skill by far.


  • @Nigel right on, so what do you mean by plateau? you want to know more / fancier grammar? improve your accent? do you ever write in Korean, e.g. blog posts or stories?

  • @Ryan:

    1. I write daily in Korean - messaging friends, my daily journal, and writing korean lyrics before translating them to english. 

    2. By plateau, I just don't' feel like I'm getting better in Korean - specifically I want to improve my TOPIK scores and I guess to get around to learning grammar. 


    I'm learning more complex words now and want to know what the proper flashcard and setup would be to use as well. 


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