I made a tool to make Spanish vocab flashcard creation a little faster

Hey all, just getting started on this language learning journey, and wanted to post something that I created that I've found useful in creating Spanish flashcards. It basically is two text inputs, the first will take an English word and return the Spanish for it on wordreference.com, the second will take a Spanish word and return the Spanish definition according to google, google.es image results for the word, and the Forvo pronunciation results. These are all displayed in iframes in the same tab so it makes it a bit easier for me rather than messing around and switching between four tabs. The tool is located here: https://sikemausa.github.io/spanish-learning-tool/

The repository is here: https://github.com/sikemausa/spanish-learning-tool

If you know very basic html and javascript you can use the code to create something similar for your language of choice. Hope someone gets use out of this.


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