Hi, I have some questions regarding use of a grammar book for the creation of sentence cards. I am currently learning Spanish and have the Prado grammar book that was recommended in Fluent Forever. I am wondering how much from each chapter and section should be used to create sentence cards. Should I create sentence cards for every grammatical concept? For example, should I make an example sentence for the Spanish rule that words that end in z change to -ces to become plural? As another example, should I make example sentences to show that estar is used to show the location of person, animal, or thing? Or should I be more broad with my sentence cards, meaning that I make cards for declension charts and maybe a few random sentences from the exercises (even if I happen to miss rules for the examples I gave)?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback from those who have gone through grammar books and created sentence cards, so that I can figure as to what seems the best strategy.



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