Tips/feedback for speeding up *Verb* Flashcards?

Hey! I've been using this method for a little under three months to learn French but have slowed down significantly because creating verb flashcards is taking FAR too long.
Even if I'm only working on type B cards (each verb has two cards,) I am only getting through SIX words in 30 minutes.

I use the All Purpose template to make flashcards A or B depending on if the verb form is new or not:
A. Break a new form into 6 parts (I'm learning french so: Je, Tu, Elle, Nous, Vous, & Elles) [this is only for when I am learning a new verb form]

  •   a. with picture
  •   b. unique example sentence for each using and my grammar book.
  •   c. sound from if I can find it/need it
  •   d. copy and pasted verb conjugation of all subject pronouns for that particular verb (so, the "Nous chantons cards" would have the forms for je, tu, elle, nous, vous and elles on the card at the bottom)

B. Break each word into 2 cards: 1 card for Je, Tu, Elle and 1 card for Nous, Vous, Elles. [this is for when I know the verb form, but am learning a new verb and reinforcing the verb form]

  •    Put in a-d above for each of the two cards. (So one word has two cards. Each card has a unique picture and sentence. I.e., the je, tu, elle card would have a copy of the same sentence using each subject pronoun).

I stumbled upon a suggestion to do flashcards in excel(crossing my fingers it'll work with GDocs) and upload them to Anki- did that make flashcards significantly faster for folks?
I think I'm following the correct method for doing flashcards from the book and Gabe's responses in the forums- did I greatly misread things and am doing too much?
Does anyone have any other suggestions? This has been so demoralizing and I'm starting to lose so much momentum.

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