Your system is so fantastic, but there needs to be more languages.  Please think about starting a Greek course as well.  Thank you! 

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  • Hi Jamie! Thank you for letting us know you'd be interested to learn Greek with our app. While Greek isn't in the current plans it will be available via the Learn Any Language feature we will be adding later on. Please check this article for more information about how we plan this to work:

    Please also keep an eye on our roadmap here for updates as we progress with the development:

    All the best,


  • Yes, please add Modern Greek to your list of available languages. It’s popularity is growing, based on its growing presence in other programs and apps, but those of us who have read Gabe’s book want to be able to use the FF method instead.

    In the meantime, what’s the current status of the Learn Any Language feature? Your article link above is dated 2018.

    Thank you! :-D


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