Why don’t I see my flashcards with Coaching sentences in the review sessions in the app?

We recommend suspending all previous flashcards so you can focus on the flashcards you create with your coach. If you don't suspend the general content flashcards, it might take a while until the Live Coaching flashcards start appearing in your review sessions.

The "Suspend Flashcards" option is located in the Settings menu in the Fluent Forever app. This option will hide all previously created flashcards. If you already created flashcards with your coach, these will be hidden as well; however, you can recreate them after using the “Suspend” option to make sure they appear in your reviews. When you unsuspend, all flashcards will be added back into your reviews.

Want to focus on your Live Coaching flashcards, but don’t want to risk forgetting your older flashcards? Try the following steps in your daily reviews:

  • Suspend the flashcards before creating your flashcards for the day.
  • Review the new flashcards.
  • Unsuspend and complete your normal review.

Your new cards will then be thrown into the normal review pile for the future. Or if you want to prioritize your new cards you should leave them suspended, but this is a great way to get new cards reviewed and still work on the old material.

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