Could you help me structure a course for my English classes?

We've had a lot of teachers contact us, and we have two sets of recommendations:

One on one work:

If you're working one-on-one with a student, then we've seen pretty tremendous results from teaching them how to do the Fluent Forever method, coaching them through that process, and then using our lessons to supply them with really high-quality content, as per . While discussing the example sentences (ideally having those discussions in their target language), you can also identify the mistakes they make in each sentence that they say, and write out corrected sentences, so that they can learn those sentences as well.

Classroom Work:

This is harder. We've had some teachers implement Fluent Forever in their classrooms, but it's definitely more challenging when you have a large group of students with different computer skill levels, different interests, and different learning styles. Since Fluent Forever is such a self-directed system, the best thing we can think to do is to instruct the students how to use it, and then just let them learn however they wish to learn, as you explain concepts to them and provide them with quality content for their flashcards. As long as your tests are actually testing the language, rather than translations, then the students can decide for themselves how much they want to use the tools you've given them in order to pass their tests.

Down the road, we'll be creating classroom-compatible versions of our app, based on input from teachers, so if you have insights on ways that we can fit teachers' needs better, do let us know!

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