Is there a faster way to make a lot of example sentences?

We've found the fastest way to make lots of customized example sentences is to work with a tutor on  If money is an issue, you can potentially look for language exchange partners from iTalki for free (if you help them with learning your native language). You can read about Gabe's personal experience and ideas on it here:

But what if I want to learn Latin?

Unfortunately, it gets really complicated with a language like Latin, because you're going to have a very hard time finding someone who is actually fluent in the language and can easily help you form sentences. So instead, if you're learning verbs, you probably need to stick with the simple piecemeal approach from this article:   

You're likely going to have to get your verb examples from pre-written material. That means translated Latin books, sentences you get from your Latin classes/teachers, and (this is very valuable stuff) corrected tests, quizzes and homework assignments. Take all of that - especially the corrections - and turn it into flashcards for everything that's challenging or new to you.

That should gradually build a comfortable familiarity with the language's conjugation patterns.

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