Am I supposed to remember every word of the fill-in-the-blank I used when I created the card?

Let's say you are learning the following sentence: "Es verdad que este restaurante prepara los mejores mariscos de la ciudad." If you are learning “Verdad” on this flashcard, you definitely DON’T need to memorize “Es __ que este restaurante prepara los mejores mariscos de la ciudad.” You just need to remember, roughly, what “verdad” means and the sort of sentence/context that you’d use “verdad” in.

If all you remember is “es verdad que” and ‘something about restaurants and preparing really good seafood’, that’s significantly MORE than enough to mark yourself as correct.

The time for you to think about “que” is for a different pair of flashcards – the flashcards that involve the sentence “¿Es verdad __ este restaurante prepara los mejores mariscos de la ciudad?” and “que”.

That’s also how you can avoid over-using google translate (which we do too occasionally when we totally space on a sentence): you make a LOT of flashcards for each sentence, especially when you’re just starting out, so that you have a lot of opportunities to focus your attention on the little bits that you’re having trouble remembering.


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