I'm an intermediate learner, how do I improve my grammar?



At your level, you're looking for two things:

  1. New stuff (grammatical constructions you haven't encountered yet)
  2. Old mistakes (grammatical constructions you've learned incorrectly)
  • Work through a frequency list of the top 1000 words in your target language with a tutor. Many of these words will be abstract function words, and the process of creating sentences with them will show you a lot of brand new grammatical constructions. Learn them using your flashcards.
  • Read a book and note the times when the grammar surprises you. Learn those sentences with your flashcards, or take them to a tutor and create NEW sentences that use those same grammatical constructions.
  • Ask your tutor to correct you every time you make a mistake when speaking. Write down what you should have said, and learn that sentence with your flashcards.
  • Write! And get that writing corrected, via a tutor or via lang-8.com. Writing is ideal for finding holes and problems in existing grammar, and corrections are pretty ideal for fixing those issues. Turn all of those issues into flashcards.
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