If you run into a problem opening the downloaded file of the pronunciation trainer, the first thing to do is:

  1. Find out what operating system you are using on your computer. For example, are you using Windows or Mac? What is the version you're on;  Windows 8 or Windows 10 or Mac OSX?
  2. What language do you have your computer set on?  Are all the menus and settings in your operating system in the English language or in another language? Is the main language of your computer in English or something else?

If the file reads "invalid" it is likely a compatibility issue with either your operating system or the language that your computer is set to. 

The reason the error occurs is because some operating systems are not compatible to open up the Zip files that have the content in them. If you are using the built-in Zip program that comes with your operating system, sometimes it may fail to open the file due to compatibility reasons.

The way to fix this is to use another Zip program instead. There are free to use Zip programs available online. We suggest using the free software 7zip for all operating systems, which you can get here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html


How to download 7-zip program to open the Pronunciation Trainer download:

The steps to download and install the 7zip software can be a little complicated. To make it easier, here is a step to step guide:

Step 1: Before you can download the 7zip software, you’ll need to know if your computer is a 32-bit computer or a 64-bit computer. If you are unsure, please follow these instructions here:

Checking system details for Older Windows Systems:

Older Windows systems will have the old Start button. This is normally located at the bottom left-hand corner and will look like this:

a. Click on the Start button.

b. Right-click Control Panel

c. The control panel popup will appear. Click on System and Security

d. Click on System

e. Under System, you can view the system type.

Checking system details for Newer Windows Systems:

Newer Windows systems will have the new Start button. This is normally located at the bottom left-hand corner and will look like this:

a. Hover over the Start button and right-click the Start button. This will show a list of settings.

b. Locate System on the list and click it.

c. A popup will appear showing you the details of your computer system. You can now view the system type which will tell you if it is a 32-bit computer or a 64-bit computer.


Step 2: Once you determine if your computer is a 32-bit-or 64-bit, go to http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Step 3: Go to the top section of the download page. This is the most updated version of the 7zip program. Click “Download” on either one of those .exe files that is compatible to your computer. If you have a 32-bit computer, then download the 32-bit version. If you have a 64-bit computer, then download the 64-bit version. 

Step 4: A pop-up will appear asking you to save the file on your computer. Click “Save File” and save the installer to your desktop or downloads folder.

Step 5: After you downloaded the 7-zip install file onto your computer, click the file and open the file.

Step 6: A pop-up will appear asking you to install 7zip on your computer. Click “Install” to begin installing the program onto your computer.

Step 7: Open 7-zip and locate the Pronunciation Trainer zip file. Once you have selected the Pronunciation Trainer zip file, click “extract” to export the files.

Now your files have been properly exported successfully. You can now open the folder and begin using the Pronunciation Trainer.


Note: As of September 12th 2019, we no longer provide official support for our Anki based pronunciation trainers and word lists. You are more than welcome to still purchase and use them, but the support we are able to offer for these products is limited. For supported languages, these materials are already built into the Fluent Forever app.

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