**NOTE: The actual crowdfunding campaign is over, but we would be super happy if you can help us grow and help us reach the goal of helping 1 million people learn their language of choice with our amazing method.

With that being said, let's answer the question of what you can do to help us reach this goal.

A lot! For instance:

  1. Tell your friends! Get them psyched, and see if you can get them to subscribe to our retail version early and use the beta until we launch. 
  2. If you have blogger friends or journalist friends, let them know, and let us know about them. The more publicity and visibility, the better.
  3. Tell your friends again.
  4. If you are well connected in business, and you can give us access to new markets or expose us to huge amounts of people, then let us know!

To everyone who already helped and was an integral part of reaching WAY over 1.5 Million in funding on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo: Thank you, you are amazing. 

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