What are the advantages of Fluent Forever for Schools?

With Fluent Forever for Schools, you can bring all of the advantages of our method to your students while also being able to create custom content for them, monitor the progress they are making and helping them achieve their language goals through a platform designed for teachers.

Your students will be able to improve their pronunciation and retain vocabulary more easily by training their ears to distinguish the subtle differences between similar sounding words with the help of our Ear Training exercises. The vocabulary they will learn will be organized in associated groups rather than category-based groups (i.e. learning pond, frog, green rather than animal names first, colors second, etc.). 

Our method will optimize your students' learning process via the quick and easy way to create personalized flashcards where they can add images of their choice which is much more effective than using pre-made cards or translations.

And last but definitely not least, our powerful Spaced Repetition System will boost memorization and push those concepts into the long-term memory.

If you'd like to learn more, be sure to check our School page!



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