What is the difference between Weekly, Twice Weekly, Daily, and Bootcamp Coaching?

Fluent Forever Online Coaching is an umbrella term that covers our 4 coaching programs:

  • Once Weekly Coaching
  • Twice Weekly Coaching
  • Daily Coaching
  • Bootcamp (available exclusively for French and Latin American Spanish)

With the exception of the Bootcamp, all of our coaching programs function as monthly subscriptions. You can think of them as a monthly membership fee to your favorite fitness club.

The only difference is that instead of private fitness training, at Fluent Forever, you’ll receive private language training!

All monthly subscription programs include access to the Fluent Forever app (see our Live Coaching policies for details).

Once Weekly Coaching

Includes one 20-minute coaching session each week. This program is ideal for the learner with a tricky schedule or who wants to maintain steady momentum at a less rigorous pace.

Twice Weekly Coaching

Includes two 20-minute coaching sessions each week. This is the perfect choice for learners who love to dig deeper during their coaching sessions and ask lots of questions or practice extended conversation! 

Daily Coaching

Includes daily 10-minute coaching sessions Monday - Friday. This program is perfectly suited for the learner who loves creating new material for their daily flashcards, or who benefits from the accountability of working with their coach every day!


Our Bootcamp is a 2-week sample of the Daily Coaching subscription (French and Latin American Spanish only). Bootcamps are not a subscription and are offered once a month on a fixed schedule. This program is ideal for the learner who wants to try out Live Coaching before signing up for a subscription or who simply needs a quick refresher of their language skills.

Don't hesitate to check out our Pricing and Products page for more details!

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