What is the Spot the Difference game?

The Spot the Differences game is the following:

You are learning Russian.
You see in a list that “girl” = девушка

Normally, people would then learn a translation (girl = девушка). Or, if they want to learn with pictures, they’ll look for pictures of “girl”.

But you can do better. You search for девушка on Google Images. And you find that девушка and girl are NOT the same; the images are different. The word девушка is generally ~18-24 years old and most of the photographs don’t have lots of clothes on. The word is WAY more sexualized in Russian than the English word “girl”.

So you see those differences (“Spot the differences”), you choose an image or two that will help you remember those differences, and make your flashcards.

When you do this, you will find that each word you learn is WAY more memorable, because it’s not just an exact copy of a word you already know, but it’s something new and different and way more interesting.


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