What should I do if I'm traveling abroad soon and don't know the language?

In a situation like that one, nailing pronunciation and learning some useful phrases is the way you want to go. Practically speaking, this is what we recommend:

  1. Get our pronunciation trainer and crank up the settings to double speed (so 40 spelling cards, 16 minimal pairs, and 56 total cards each day) so you can get it finished up super fast.
  2. Use a phrase book! Highlight the sentences you think are going to be valuable for you.
  3. Make a bunch of New Word Flashcards for every interesting word in each sentence (it's okay if this is every single word in every single sentence for the first few sentences)


     4. Use a tutor to help you make sentences that you think you'll need on your trip, using that          phrasebook as a topic guide (eg if you need to ask about buses, specific destinations, etc.).          This step is only really necessary if you need more personalized content.



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