Can I help create a new "Awesome Word List" in a new language?

Thank you for your interest! When we collaborate with someone on a new list, we first have to figure out who is:

  •  doing the translation
  •  doing the IPA phonetic transcriptions
  •  proofreading the translation
  •  adding the footnotes
  •  doing the typesetting
  •  recording the words

And then we usually have to decide who's going to pay for each of these people's work.

How It's Worked Before

Other people have contacted us about creating new word lists, and one thing we've discussed with them is a reimbursement program. Basically, they pay for the translation/ IPA/ proofreading/ footnotes/ typesetting/ recording. They then manage the project and bring it to completion. We provide guidance if needed (and we have an affordable typesetter we enjoy working with). Then we sell the word lists on our website and give them the profits until they make back their costs. After that, we share revenue on future sales, 50/50.

Alternatively, the simpler option is just to translate the list, but do it in alphabetical order, rather than our story order+illustrations. Then we can send that out for free on our blog.

Still Interested?

If you'd like to discuss a potential language further, get in touch through the Contact Form and let us know which of the elements above you'd be interested in.

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