How do I improve my listening comprehension?

We have a whopping three suggestions for you:

– First off, just be aware that listening comprehension is one of the hardest things in this whole process, and it seriously takes a long time. If you feel like you’re improving with your teacher, then you’re improving, and you’re going to get to where you need to be.

– Second off, we’ve been huge fans of bringing recordings into flashcards, as per this approach: .You will find if your tutor records at full speed, it helps you pick out words at full speed when you hear them spoken by someone else. It will still take time to get comfortable, but it’s a faster route there.

– Movies and TV without subtitles are the most comprehensive listening comprehension exercises you can get…just they’re going to be hard at first because they’re full speed. We feel like the iTalki route (either with your teacher or as an additional source of input) is a more comfortable path for an intermediate learner until they’re ready for movies and things.

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