When you say "native speaker support," what do you mean?

... Just kidding...

What we are going to do is hire staff native speakers to help in the following two ways:

  •      Every user will have the ability to add in their own sentences (from grammar books, from tutors, whatever resource they have). They'll then make flashcards and study the vocab and grammar from those sentences. A month or two after we see that happen, we'll take those sentences and send them to our staff native speakers for review. If our staff decides that they're high-quality sentences, 100% correct, and worth adding to our Community Database, then they'll approve them for entry. That way, all of the sentences in the Community Database are proofread and high quality.
  •     At some point after our initial release, we'll give users the ability to ask and answer questions about any sentence within the 1875 sentence list and the sentences in the community database. Our staff native speakers will monitor those questions and answers. When they see a good answer to a question, they'll be able to mark that answer as a 'best answer' (and edit it, if needed). That way, users will be able to know whether a particular answer was double-checked by a native speaker. 
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