Why are you using 'Bing' for your image searches?

Why did we switch from Google Images to Bing of all things?

We started with Google because it’s better than Bing. We knew it was more expensive than Bing but that didn’t matter because it was way better. What we DIDN'T know is that Google’s API was limited to 10,000 searches per day. Ever. Across the whole company. No way to increase it ever ever ever. So with our 10,000 users, everyone gets one search a day. With 20k users, folks will need to share their single daily search with another user. I.e., totally unusable.

There are official support forums for Google’s product where other companies have been asking Google about this for years (!), since they would like to pay for, say, more than 10k searches. Google’s official response: none. They just don’t answer those questions. Super frustrating.

Some companies DO get 30-50 credit cards, then make 30-50 accounts and increase their daily limit that way, but it’s a terms of service violation for google so everything can be fine and great and then one day Google decides to ban you from their service entirely and your app dies. Ugh.

While Bing isn’t our favorite, the fact that we’re actually showing *popular* results when they exist means that over time, image search results will be more crowdsourced than Bing-sourced. Every time you see crap results and choose a better image, you’re making the results better for everyone who comes after you. So long term we should be able to get results that are better than Bing *or* Google. But yeah, it’s a frustrating situation of a company making a good product and then locking it down completely without any explanation as to why.

Anyway, if someone in the community has awesome contacts at Google and can get us a magical exception from the 10k rule, then you’ll make me and a lot of other app users very very happy. Not holding my breath for that but who knows....

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