How to join the exclusive Fluent Forever Language Learning Community

Pssssst... Did you know we have a secret club for Fluent Forever learners?

Claim your spot in our members-only Facebook group now! 

Note: This officially supported group is open only to our loyal customers who are using the Fluent Forever method to learn a language. It’s free to join and a great opportunity to progress further in your language journey. To gain access, simply request to join the group once you’ve purchased any Fluent Forever product (Book, Shop Products, or App), and our team will shortly accept your invite upon validation. 

Here’s why you should join:

We’re constantly thinking about ways to make the language learning process easier for you. We realized that the process of learning a language tends to be more isolated than it needs to be. You can experience all sorts of exciting successes and challenging setbacks, and yet it’s hard to find other people to share those stories with.

We wanted to find a way to allow us to support one another, no matter what language you’re learning, and no matter what level you are at. The best solution we’ve found is a private Facebook group.

Our officially supported Facebook group will be a space for us to share our language progress, get inspired by fellow Fluent Forever language learners, and help each other create and maintain new language habits throughout the year.

What are the main benefits of joining?

  1. Be inspired and stay motivated:
    Get connected to a thriving community of thousands of learners using our method worldwide. Share your progress, ask questions, discover new resources and tips, and track how others are progressing in their language journey.

  2. Request new features:
    Have a direct impact in getting the new features you want to be developed quickly. This group is our #1 source of feedback from customers as we develop new app features.

  3. Get exclusive content:
    Get access to new videos, tips, and Facebook Live events that are only available in the Facebook group.

What are you waiting for? Click here to join the group! You’ll be seeing updates and posts from the Fluent Forever community very soon. :)

By the way, if you’re looking for our unmonitored Community Forum (not officially supported), you can visit it here.

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