How do I report errors in translation, pronunciation, and audio?

We’re always striving for perfection, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes... And if you catch one of ours, we’ve created a handy language error-reporting tool to let us know about it. 


To do that, you can simply tap the Report Error option on the back side of your cards: 


What types of errors can I report via this option?

The types of errors we’re looking for include (but are not limited to): 

  • Audio errors, for when the sound doesn’t match what is written, or when there is something otherwise wrong with it.
  • Sentence or word errors, for when there’s a mistake in the base vocab or sentence portions of the app.
  • Translation errors, for when something isn’t exactly correct about the English translation of a word or phrase.

There is also a box to explain “other” issues that you may notice, in case you run into an error that isn’t included in one of those categories.


Once you’ve reported the error, the card will be sent to our team for careful review.

Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact timeline in which errors will be fixed. We are also unable to respond to users who submit error reports, but rest assured that we will review and fix them accordingly! 

Note: This is not a bug-reporting tool. Please continue to report bugs through the Contact Form, or in-app by going to Settings > Support > Contact Support and using the Submit Request form. 

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