Did using the beta count towards my subscription months? (Applies to "Backers" Only)

Time DOES fly while you're having fun, but...

We know what you’re thinking… Did you use five, or six months… Well, do you feel lucky?

In short, using the beta or the official app before the option to activate your backer subscription became available, did not take away from your subscription months.

Now that we have activated the backer timers, your months will start rolling once you activate your subscription. Until you do, you will not be able to create new cards for your languages. You will, however, be able to review what you did so far as much as you like. If your language of choice is out, great! You can activate your account and continue using the app in full for the language that you have selected. If your language of choice is not released yet, you can wait until it is released and activate your Subscription then, while reviewing the materials that you have made before we provided the option to start backer subscriptions.

We will always keep progress.fluent-forever.com updated with the latest info. If you would like to see where your language is on our roadmap, have a look here:

Fluent Forever Roadmap


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