Why is your app untrusted and how do I solve it?

Note: This article relates to the situation when we were in beta. We are now in both the App Stores (Android / Apple), meaning the app can be downloaded directly from the App Stores - i.e. no more untrusted developer warning! Yay!

Believe it or not, Gabe knows a lot... but not how to code an app. SO... we decided to hire Mokri... Mokry... Mokree... Mokriya to develop the app for us. They are not with us anymore as we have taken over the full development in-house, but the app still honors their founding fathers. 

Now as far as this message popping up on your phone goes, this is very normal for iPhone. The reason has nothing to do with Mokry... Mokre... our developers (they said never use the same joke twice... but writing this, I still thought it was hilarious the second time around), but more to do with the security of iPhone and it's OS. Whenever you download an app that does not come from the App Store directly, they flag it as: Hey, something is wrong. 

This is why we need to give permission for the app to function on our phones, in order to be able to use it. This is basically an extra check, if you will, to tell your iPhone, it is okay, I know where this is coming from and I trust them. 

If you do not know how to trust the beta and Mokry... (Okay, I won't do it a third time) have a look at the quick guide here:




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