Do I need a subscription to review my old flashcards?

Our backers are special to us, so if you are a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo backer, you will not need a subscription to review your old cards, even after you switch a language (Single Language backers).

You will be able to review your cards indefinitely. The only thing you will need a subscription for is creating cards. 

If you are a retail subscribers you will need an active subscription to both create and review cards.This does not make you less special to us, but let's say you are first class and our backers are the pilots. Or, you are the cake, our backers are the icing. You kind of belong together... like... Bacon and eggs... Milk and coffee... Pseudoephedrine and Red Phosphorus and Hydroiodic acid and Hydrogen Chloride and.... Wait... that's my meth recipe... what?? No officer... 

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