What are the differences between the single language and multiple language pledges and the retail subscriptions?

 Here's the plan:

  • Single Language pledge: Learn whatever single language you want. 
  • Multiple languages pledge: If you'd like to learn more than one language and review languages you have already made progress on.

If you're in the Single Language pledge and you decide you want to switch to a different language, you can do that every 5 months*, and you will be able to review your cards indefinitely, even when your months are over and/or you switched languages in the meantime. This is a backer-only perk.

The Multiple Language pledges are designed not just to keep your old flashcards on our servers, but to actively help you maintain everything, so you don't forget older languages as you learn new ones. You will also be able to review your cards indefinitely, even when your months are over as an extra perk for being a backer. 

  • Retail subscribers: Learn whatever single language you want.

If you are a retail subscriber, you will also be able to switch your language every 5 months**. If you do switch to a different language, you will only have access to flashcards created for the new language. We're aiming to create a Data Export option so you can archive all your flashcards and not lose that data. You will also need an active subscription to review your decks and use other parts of the app. 

* This will only be for 5-month and 12-month pledges. Single language lifetime backers will not be able to switch languages. 

** Currently, all of our users are able to access all available languages in the app and switch between them without limitation. We don't have a clear ETA yet for locking down subscriptions to single-language access. For now, this is not yet in effect and we will keep users informed about any restrictions or changes implemented. 

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