When you download the app from the App Store or Google Play store, you will be prompted to log in:


Click on "Log In" and you will be taken to the next screen, which looks like this:


Notice that there are four ways to log in:

1. Facebook button

2. Google Button

3. Apple ID Button

4. Email address and password boxes

You will have to use the same login method as you used when you created the account. If you, for example, created your account using the Google login button, you will need to use the Google login button to log in as well. The Facebook/Apple buttons and email address and password boxes will not work for you, even if the email address on those accounts is the same. 

Use the same login method, and tap on the big "Log In" button. You will be logged into the app and you will be able to use the app with your subscription. 

If you can't remember your login method, please contact our Customer Happiness Team via our Contact Form stating the email address you signed up with so our team can look into it for you.

If you do not yet have a subscription, you can have a look at this article to learn how to get one: How do I make an account?



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