How do I make flashcards for hard to describe verbs or prepositions?

So the sentence is “La estrella del programa ___ una actriz de renombre.” where the blank should be “era.”

If you decide you want a definition for something that abstract, you can go for:

“Tener una persona o una cosa una cualidad o una propiedad de forma permanente”

[ Picture of whatever actress comes to mind when you think of “una actriz de renombre” or “la estrella del programa”. ]

For me, the first "programa" that comes to mind is Jessica Jones, so I’d go for the lead actress in that show, myself.

For “pude”, you’ll need a more interesting example sentence to come up with a decent fill-in-the-blank that works with a picture. “[I could] run a marathon if I only got out of bed” can attach itself to an image of a runner, an image of shoes, an image of someone tired in bed, an image of someone being lazy, an image of a bed, etc.


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