How to solve backwards flashcards or an incorrect display of the cards in the Anki model deck?

A few users have had problems with our Fluent Forever Model Decks in Anki whereby the cards appear in an unexpected way, such as displaying the flashcards backward. This article will help you solve this problem with our Anki Model Deck, so you can get it back to normal again.

Example of Model Deck error: Cards appearing backward

One particular error you may encounter with the Model Deck is backward flashcards. In this case, you would have imported our flashcard templates to Anki, but the cards you make from them appear backward. This means that the backside of the card with the answers shows up first, which doesn't really help for studying.

Below are a few screenshots of cards created from the Model Deck, but they appear incorrectly when you try and study them. This problem may apply to you.



How should the flashcards from the Model Deck look like?

If you suspect that the cards you create from the Model Deck are being shown incorrectly when you study them, then first check that there actually is a problem with your cards.

Below is an example of Sentence flashcards that were made from a correctly functioning Model Deck. When you study your cards, they should look like the ones below.

Correct Example Image of Model Deck flashcard #1: 

Correct Example Image of Model Deck flashcard #2:

More specifically, the cards you create with our Model Deck should show with the following templates:

Correct Example Template of Model Deck flashcard #1:

Frontside: Image or Sentence with fill-in-the-blank+Image

Backside: TARGET WORD  [Question you're answering: What's the word for this image/what's the missing word in this sentence?]

And also

Correct Example Template of Model Deck flashcard #2:

Frontside: TARGET WORD

Backside: Image or Sentence with fill-in-the-blank+Image  [Question you're answering: What does TARGET WORD mean??]

You can compare these correct examples with the ones in your Anki deck.

So if you're getting those, then they're working correctly. If not, then continue reading to solve your Anki Model Deck error.

2 Potential reasons for the error

The problems that you are facing with the Model Deck on your computer may be the result of:

A) Potential Problem A

You downloaded the Model Deck from the Gallery page of the Fluent Forever website, and you may have accidentally edited the templates on your computer, or some bug or error caused changes in the templates only on your devices.


B) Potential Problem B

b) You may have downloaded older or other versions of the Model Deck from another page on the Fluent Forever website or another website, which is different from the current version on our FF Gallery page.

Suggested solutions to your Model Deck error

1) Reinstall the latest Model Deck version: 

Regardless of the reason for your Model Deck error, we strongly suggest that you reinstall the latest version of the Model Deck from the Gallery page of the Fluent Forever website here:

On that page, you can find the direct download link for the current Model Deck file:

As of this writing, the current Model Deck available on that page is the May 2014 Model Deck version. Please double-check the Gallery page to see if there is a newer version of the Model Deck, and be sure to use the most up-to-date version.

2) Inform us where you downloaded your problem Model Deck: 

If you downloaded your problem Model Deck from another web page that is not the Gallery page of the Fluent Forever website, can you please contact us at to tell us where you downloaded the problem Model Deck? 

This will help our team to update the download links on those pages, so others don’t use those problem Model Decks in the future.

3) Contact us if you still have problems:

If you still face problems after the reinstallation, then please let us know at and we will suggest ways to manually edit the template on your computer, or other solutions so that your Anki deck is fixed.

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