If the app changes how I make cards, will I not learn as much?

There are two chunks of important effort here:

 - One involves the 'work' parts: you typing the word into Anki, blanking out that word in a sentence, typing the word into multi-search, etc. - We're eliminating these parts in the app.

 - The other involves the 'decision' parts: you deciding what word you want to learn, you deciding what sentence to use, you deciding what picture you want, and you deciding what flashcard types could be best to retain that information. - We're keeping all of these parts in the app.

The 'work' parts have some value, and the app is eliminating those. But the 'decision' parts are WAY more valuable for learning, and we'd argue that any loss you suffer from skipping the 'work' parts is paid back, with interest, because you're able to create flashcards so much faster in the new app. As an example, perhaps your cards are 5% less effective because you didn't take the time to literally type the word each time, but your card creation speed is 50% faster. That means you're exposing yourself to new words and new sentences at a 50% faster rate. In the end, that's a net gain to your language learning speed.

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