How does the app teach grammar? Are there specific grammar lessons?

The primary way you’ll learn grammar in the app is through example sentences. Suppose you see a Spanish sentence like this one:
“El perro es blanco”
_The dog is white_

And suppose that this sentence is the first time you’ve encountered the word “es” [is].

From a grammatical standpoint, there are three things that you might want to memorize about “es” in this particular sentence:
1. You probably want to remember that “es” is the right word to use when telling someone that “El perro __ blanco.”
2. “es” [is] is a conjugated form of the verb “ser” [to be]. If you wanted to find “es” in a dictionary, you would need to know the word “ser.” So you might want to learn the word “ser” too.
3. You might be interested in the word order of the sentence. (I.e., that “es” comes in between “El perro” and “blanco”, rather than in some other place).

In the app, you’ll be able to select “es.” The app will then ask you to choose a picture associated with the sentence (i.e., a white dog). After that, it help you build flashcards to remember any or all of those three things (the vocabulary word, its dictionary form, and the word order).

This is the main way you’ll internalize grammar with our app, by using example sentences, rather than conjugation charts and lengthy explanations. That said, some people *like* conjugation charts and lengthy explanations, and we’ll be taking care of those people too.

 A bit further down the road, we’re going to add the ability to ask questions about any sentence within the app. You can ask things like “What are all the different conjugations of ‘ser’ and when are they used?” Other, more advanced users can answer your questions and we’ll have native speaker moderators who can indicate which answers are the best. Advanced users who consistently get credited for “best answers” will be awarded fancy internet points, badges for being the most awesome of users, and potentially free months on their subscriptions.

Over time, you’ll be able to browse through thousands and thousands of other users’ questions and answers, and thereby get access to all the lengthy explanations of grammatical intricacies that you could ever want.

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