Our current plan is to move in two phases.

First phase, we want to make it as easy as possible to:

  • Work with a tutor and make flashcards for spelling rules (“B” as in “boy” = [b])
  • Work with a tutor to make minimal pair flashcards
  • Work with a tutor to translate/learn our 625 list, and make example sentences for those words with recordings
  • Work with a tutor to translate/learn other sentences, as desired

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Once a handful of users have gone through this process, and there's enough content generated, then we can turn on sharing. This will allow everyone to see what's been created and start voting on and discussing the highest quality content. This should make the 'unsupported' languages closely resemble the 'supported' languages, just with a touch less polish, and a lot more crowdsourced/community feel. 

When we notice that a language has a lot of y'all using a specific language, w'all will take it over and make a supported language out of it with all the bells and whistles that come with that. 

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