How are you going to handle declined/inflected words?

Within the 1875 Sentence List, we’re going to have each word’s dictionary/root form in our database. When you decide to learn a word like “mice”, and the database notes that there’s a root form of “mouse”, it will auto-suggest the following flashcards:

“mice”: What’s this?
“mouse” : What’s this?
“Elephants are scared of __”: What’s the missing word?
“Elephants are scared of __”: What’s the dictionary form for the missing word?

(if we add monolingual dictionaries):
“A very small rodent that is similar to a small rat.”: What’s this a definition for?

We MAY include a set of flags in the database for ‘super simple’ inflected words (dog/dogs, bed/beds) so that you don’t need to deal with multiple flashcards every single time you hit a plural or something else that’s pretty straightforward.

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