How will the app work for someone wanting to learn English?

The Fluent Forever App will allow you to learn English, in the same way that it can help English speakers learn Spanish, Russian, or German. It will give you a list of words to learn and sentences to learn them from.

At Launch:

Soon after we launch our first 6 languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Italian), we will launch the first version of our app for learning English.

At that time, we’re going to start releasing specific English language pairs: English for French speakers, Spanish speakers, German speakers, etc. We will start with just a couple of pairs at first (English for Spanish speakers for sure, and we’re still deciding on pair #2), so we can gather feedback and see whether we landed on a solid solution for English speakers.

In the medium term, we’ll continue adding language pairs until we support at least our initial 6 languages (English for Russian speakers, Korean speakers and Italian speakers).

In the long term, we’d like to offer English support for all of our officially supported languages. That said, we know that more of our users want us to release Japanese for English Speakers than English for Hebrew Speakers, so we will be sensitive to our users’ desires as we build our release schedule.

Then, we’ll add universal language support through our "learn any language" feature. At that point, anyone can propose a language pair. We’ll approve it, and it’ll become an option for everyone. For example, one user can propose English for Hindi speakers. Once approved, the Hindi speaking community can use the app and users can collaborate to create English/Hindi resources. The app’s interface and instructions will be in English (or in any of our officially supported languages), but users can use the app to create English sentences with Hindi translations and share them with other users.

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