Will the app be useful to me if I’m learning a language that’s not in the current plans?

One of our stretch goals was ‘Unsupported Language Support' - and we reached it!

The idea is that users can still use our app to make flashcards, and in addition, we’re going to provide them with a way to share resources with other learners of the same language. Something like a web app where subscribed members can input translations for the 625 list, other subscribed members can upvote/downvote those translations, contribute their own, or comment. 

People will be able to contribute sentences via tutors and comment on the quality of the sentences and audio recordings, etc. Basically, we'd be making a community that’s user curated, rather than professionally curated. 

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What we also will do with this section, is use it as a measuring device for our next supported language. When enough users are learning language X, we will take it over and create a fully supported version of that app. Wanna learn Klingon... get all your friends to join you to get enough users for it, and hear Gabe's Klingon pronunciation in the app!

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