How do I cancel my Fluent Forever app subscription?


Of course, we are very sad to see you go, but if you'd like to cancel we've made the process very easy and quick, and you can find all the steps you need to follow below.

Depending on whether you subscribed through our portal or in-app (via the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store), the steps to cancel are different. In-app subscriptions need to be cancelled via the app stores, while subscriptions purchased through our website can be cancelled via your account there.

Subscriptions through the Fluent Forever portal

If you subscribed through our portal, in order to cancel you will need to log in to your account on, and then on your Account page you can choose to end your subscription by clicking on the red "Cancel" button:

Step 1: Log in to your account.



Step 2: Once you log in, you will be taken to your Account page.

Step 3: Select the "Cancel" button.

This will stop the subscription and make sure that you will not be charged anymore after your already purchased months have ended.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the process and you are unable to cancel on your end, do not hesitate to email us at Our Customer Happiness Team will request identity verification in order to help further as, for your account's security, we are not able to perform such changes without verifying you are the owner of the account.

In-App Subscriptions

  • If you subscribed through Google Play and you'd like to cancel, please follow these steps

Via your phone

  1. Open the Google Play Store making sure you are logged in with the correct Google account
  2. Tap Menu and then choose Subscriptions
  3. Select your Fluent Forever subscription and tap Cancel subscription
  4. Follow the instructions you will see

Via your computer

  1. In a web browser go to making sure you are logged in with the correct Google account
  2. Click My Subscriptions (located on the left)
  3. Select your Fluent Forever subscription
  4. Click Manage and then Cancel Subscription.

For more information, please check this Google Play Help article.

  • If you subscribed via the iOS App Store and you'd like to cancel your subscription, please follow the steps below:
  1. On your iPhone, please go to Settings, tap your name and then iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID and then View Apple ID (you may need to sign in during this step)
  3. Tap Subscriptions
  4. Tap your Fluent Forever subscription in order to manage it
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription and then Confirm

For more information about the process on different Apple devices, please check this Apple Help article.

Note: If you are still in your free trial days and your subscription hasn’t started yet, you will be able to cancel by following the same steps provided above. You can also check this article explaining the process.

If you have any questions about the status of your account or if you need help with any of the steps provided here, do not hesitate to contact us at and we'll do our best to assist!


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