Why does the review section say I need to create cards?

It's a sunny day outside, you get up, open the app on your phone and head to the review section to test your knowledge. But wait...?! You already created cards, why does it tell you to go create more? 

The reason for this is that the review section simply needs more cards. Basically, the order of your learning process should be:

  1. Learn pronunciation
  2. Create Base Vocab/Grammar cards
  3. Review

That way you'll make sure that you always have enough cards for your review sessions.

The way the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) works is to spread the cards that you've already created for your daily review sessions, however, once you are done with that amount of cards, it will basically need more so it can populate your next sessions. This algorithm will create reviews for you based on the number of cards you have created. So there's nothing to worry about here, it's an expected behaviour. Just sit back, relax and create cards :)



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