What do the buttons in the review sessions mean?

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So now youre in the app and youre on your way, but what are all these buttons in your review session?

Not to worry! Were happy to explain what they are and what they do!

The review flashcards contain all of the options needed for the cards. You will find the following options on each card.

On the front: 

  • Undo Previous Answer


And under the ellipsis mceclip3.jpg

  • Hide/Show review controls
  • Cancel


On the back:

You will find the Undo Previous Answer button, and the first ellipsis will have the Hide/Show review controls (same as on the front of the card).

The second ellipsis will have: 

  • Change Image - allows you to add different images to a card
  • See Translation - allows you to see the translation of the word or sentence on the card
  • Add more from this sentence - allows you to create flashcards with the words you have not yet added to your deck from a sentence (Only available in sentence flashcards)
  • Report Error - Use this feature to report an error in the audio/translation/sentence on the card to our team.
  • Delete Flashcard
  • Cancel - to exit the menu


At the bottom of the card: 

  • Red X for Incorrect/wrong - This indicates that you do not remember the word/sentence correctly.
  • Green ✔️ for Correct/right - This indicates that you remember the word/sentence correctly.


As an alternative to tapping X for incorrect and ✔️ for correct, you can swipe left and right. A swipe right for correct/right will look like this: 


A swipe left for incorrect or wrong will look like this: 


On the front of pronunciation cards:

  • Hold to Answer - allows you to record your answer


On the back:

  • Compare Your Answer - Press this button to play back your previously recorded answer and compare it with the recording in the app.


On the front of spelling cards:

  • Type Your Answer - allows you to type in your answer


We hope that this helps you to get better acquainted with your review sessions, and to make more progress!

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